About The Wize Pig

I'm Danielle! A 31-year-old, single mom to a four-year-old teenage boy. I've been writing on and off my entire life, whether it was little poems, think pieces, or short stories for school (can't forget the one time I dabbled in the realm of fan fiction.) I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications (PR focus). I consider myself a creative and I can't wait to share with you all of the thoughts in my head.

The Wize Pig was formed after my mother encouraged me to put my words out for others to see. I used to send weekly texts to my peers with encouraging or motivational words, then I began to create social media content with those same messages. Eventually, blog posts formed and then, The Wize Pig. 

This blog is my open book to to the world. I share my highs, my lows, my mom wins and fails, words of encouragement and motivation, and most of all, I share MY truths.

Welcome to, The Wize Pig.

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