Change is Good

Circa 2018 *the feelings from this post are not current*

Hello my Piglets *yes, ya'll now have a nickname*

Before the Grammy posts start flooding timelines, I wanted to get a quick message out to you.

Change is good. Change is uncomfortable. Change is NECESSARY, but most importantly it's GOOD. 

If you aren't changing you aren't growing. Period.

Need examples? Here are a few:

Sean Combs. He's changed his name more times than we can count and with each change he's produced something amazing. Whether it was long lasting doesn't matter, as long as he learned from his failures that's all that matters (see: Da Band.) 

Beyoncé. Went from Destiny's Child to one of the most successful artists of our generation. Charlamagne Tha God. Read his book and you will understand why he's listed. 

The list can go on and on. One thing that will remain constant, each one of these individuals had to make SIGNIFICANT life changes in order to reach their next level. 

What's my point?

I HATE change. Let me clarify. I hate change in my PERSONAL life. It's like I'm allergic to it. My body shuts down. I can't function like a normal person. I don't even understand it. I am terrified of change in my life. It has to be because I'm a Virgo and changes go against our need to plan everything. 

However, January isn't even over and I've had to undergo a SERIOUS life change already.  

Last month, I said how my son's father and I made up and managed to get along. Welp! I spoke to soon. Long story short, we're not talking again. This was tough to deal with at first. Thanks to my amazing support system, Britt and Pawtna, I was able to redirect that energy. E-book coming soon. Yes, I know we ALWAYS fight and make-up, but this time was different. This time I was the wrong one. This time he was the one hurting. This time, there was no more excuses to be made. There was a blessing and a curse. The blessing was that he finally realized what I'd felt for all these years and acknowledged it. The curse, I now lost my friend. Yesterday, I began the process of officially removing him. AHH CHANGE! Unfollowing was easy. It was the pictures that I couldn't handle. *I still have another 200+ to go* 

Removing someone from your life is hard. It's a change, we are NEVER ready for, no matter how necessary it is. But always remember, it IS necessary. Every one we interact with is not meant to be in our lives forever. When their season is up, we need to learn how to let it go. 

Deleting the pictures and text messages has been something I've been avoiding since we broke up. Every "I love you" was saved. Every loving moment shared. Every meme we sent. What I didn't realize was that by holding on to those memories, even though they weren't easily accessible, was stunting my growth. Watering a dead plant doesn't make it grow. Holding on to the pictures was me watering a dead plant. That situation wasn't going to change and while I was so focused on a dead situation, I was missing out on the chance to plant new seeds and watering those into beautiful blossoms. 

Granted, it's taken me YEARS to reach this point, but at least I reached it. Plus, I feel like the weight that's been holding me down is getting lighter with each picture I delete. 

This change will lead great advancements for my PERSONAL growth. 

Before I get to rambling, let me say reiterate.

Change IS scary. Change is NECESSARY. Change is INEVITABLE

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