New Beginnings

Circa 2016 *When I was a 2 month old mother*

Starting over is terrifying. Especially when it's something we've previously attempted and subsequently "failed" at. That's how I felt about my life at one point, which I'm sure many can relate to. You create a plan for your life, map out how you think things will go and then, suddenly, everything spirals, usually in a downward direction.

 In my case it was like I was falling down flight after flight of stairs. First I get fired from my job, although it was a secret blessing because I hated that place, still not something I planned for. Then I found out I was pregnant. As if being jobless wasn't punishment enough Lol. Of course I had what I like to call "the pregnancy from hell" (I promise I will tell you all about it one day.) After 37 weeks of, "I don't know if I can do this," my life started over.

 My son was born and at that moment I knew I had to ignore everything the year had thrown at me. He was my reason to face my fears head on. This blog, going back to school, being a single (relationship wise) parent, and the scariest, not knowing if I had the strength to do it all. 

The Wize Pig is my new beginning. Being a parent is my new beginning. It's scary but necessary.

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