To the Boy I Never Meant to Like...

Part 1

To the boy I never meant to like,

I wasn’t supposed to like you. I wasn’t supposed to fall for you.

I was supposed to fight off that gorgeous smile, those amazing eyes and your charming wit with ease.

I wasn’t supposed to get caught up in the way I would smile when your name would pop up on the top of my phone, or in my comments, or anywhere that was just a space for my eyes only.

I was just supposed to see the notifications and keep my cool. You ARE just a regular person after all… or are you?

I tried to remain closed to you, but not a single soul could stand a chance when up against your words.

You eased your way into my life seamlessly. I never had a doubt...I should’ve.

You’re the boy that I was never supposed to fall for.

And then... I did

I fell for the boy I was never supposed to like.

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